Classic Black and White Family Photography

I love to edit in black and white and particularly love it for family portraits. There’s no doubt that the classic black and white family photography, of my own children, are the ones I love the most. They have a sense of timelessness and a certain classic romance to them that I think is sometimes lost in colour. It’s also a LOT easier to achieve a cohesive look if you are displaying images in your home and especially over time, the monochrome images don’t age in the same way that colour edits inevitably will.

Editing in Black and White

When I get to edit an entire gallery in black and white, that is always a win for me. When you are shooting for black and white, it leaves less room for error. I think the light becomes even more critical and I also look more for contrasts and shapes and angles that can bring a flat lighting situation to life more. When you are shooting documentary family sessions you do not have the luxury of specific lighting conditions and especially when you are dealing with young, super fast children you are often shooting from moment to moment so being able to spot the right position to be in, really fast is a definite skill you need!

Black and White Family Gallery