Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot

I got to photograph this awesome family last year when Marianne was pregnant with their youngest.  They are one of those families that you just instantly love, super funny, interesting and completely down to earth.  It was so great to go back and photograph them all together again.  They were running late and their eldest had drawn ALL over herself with a pen she’d found in the back of the car. This is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me all the time.

We met in the most beautiful setting, over at Hitchin Lavender Fields, which I would totally recommend a visit to, whether you’ve got kids or not.  The smell was amazing, and with the sun setting it really was a stunning spot. I love that the kids were totally unphased though. We were in this magical place, and one kid’s screaming for milk and the other one’s running round throwing rocks covered in pen.  That to me, is what makes family photos so special though. Kids are as honest as it gets and you can’t help but get their personalities in these sorts of photos.

Anyway, these are reminding me of those lovely warm summer evenings, while I’m sitting here writing this, wrapped in blankets.  Enjoy this little selection.

If you’d like to book a family photo session for next year please get in touch.  I’m booking now for weekdays (daytime or evenings).

Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot Hitchin Lavender Fields Family Photoshoot hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper132 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper125 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper121 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper120 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper118 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper115 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper107 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper105 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper104 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper102 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper99 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper98 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper96 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper94 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper92 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper91 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper88 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper81 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper78 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper75 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper74 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper69 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper63 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper62 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper61 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper56 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper54 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper51 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper49 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper47 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper46 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper45 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper41 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper39 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper34 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper33 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper25 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper24 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper20 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper17 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper14 hitchin_lavender_family_jess_soper3