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Hi, I’m Jess 

I’m a laid-back happy sort of person, with a huge love for the countryside and wild adventures.  I absolutely love photographing weddings, it really does feel like this was the thing I was meant to do with my life.

But I certainly never set out to be a wedding photographer.  In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of a lot of weddings.  I’m a huge believer that weddings should be fun and personal to you as a couple.  Super formal, big traditional weddings, really aren’t my cup of tea. But great weddings absolutely are!

The emotions and stories that unfold at great weddings, are like nothing else.  I love being able to capture all those with my camera, knowing that these photos are going to mean so much to you in years to come.

I never really know how to put my style into words, but people often say how friendly and unobtrusive I am as a photographer. And the actual photos, well, I want them to be beautiful enough to hang on your walls but with enough of a story that generations in the future will be able to relive your day.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for then I’d love to hear about your wedding!

1)My family- this is us, on a backpacking trip through India.  2) Me about to go swimming in the local river 3) My face, I hate having my photo taken!
10 things about me

1) I met my husband in the mud at Glastonbury when I was 18, we’ve been together ever since.

2) Music is everything to me. It’s shaped every important part of me in the best way. It will always be my biggest source of emotional inspiration.

3) I’m not happy unless I’m learning something new

4) I used to think that it would be good to be ‘normal’, now I can’t think of anything worse.

5) I’m always looking for a new adventure

6) I think everything would be a lot better in the world, if people read more good books.

7)I’m a mother to 3 boys. I found out I was pregnant on a tiny Thai island.  I cried and cried, but turns out being a mum has brought me more joy than anything, ever.

8)I used to HATE having my photo taken 

9)I enjoy living a simple life.  I prefer experiences over possessions.  I’d rather have a holiday in a tent than a 5 star hotel.

10)I have a degree in Journalism and absolutely no qualifications in taking photographs.

11)I don’t like sticking to the rules

If you want to find out more about me follow me over on my personal instagram account