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How I work

A full wedding from prep to party normally includes around 700 images, that sounds like tonnes but I like to tell the entire story of the day. It’s easy to pick your favourites in your gallery afterwards too. For smaller weddings it’s around 75 images per hour.

Two ways. Firstly you’ll get your own USB, in it’s own gift box, with all your edited files in.  Then you also get a password-protected online gallery which makes it super easy to share with other people.  It saves a lot of hassle with people asking you for photos! For smaller weddings you just have the online gallery with a download.

My turnaround time for weddings is 4 weeks. But I send a preview selection over within a week.

Mostly no, it’s just me on your wedding day.  To be honest, if you want an unobtrusive approach I find this works best.  But if you want someone to cover your partner getting ready or you’re having a large wedding (150+ guests) then I’ve got other people that I work with, just let me know when you book and I’ll let you know the extra cost.

I actually think these are really important, and I know in years to come you’ll treasure these.  But I do keep these relaxed, no yelling at your guests!  And I always recommend you limit these to about 5-6 combinations which takes around 30 minutes. Much more than this and you’re probably going to be quite fed up!  I’m pretty efficient at rounding people up but I can promise you they always take longer than you might think!

Contact me to check if your date’s free (I get booked up quite quickly!) then it’s a 20% deposit, and a contract to sign and we’re good to go! I cannot hold dates without a deposit but I will notify you if we’ve talked and someone else is chasing your date.

I rarely get asked this as most people choose me BECAUSE of my editing style. But very occasionally it comes up in pre-booking meetings. My edits are very personal to me and my creative vision. It’s a very personal thing and will speak to some people and not to others. I cannot edit in a different way for different people so if you’re not keen on the style please find a photographer that will suit what you’re after. My edits are based on the film porta 400 but have been tweaked over the years to fit my vision. Galleries you see upon booking will reflect the images you receive from your wedding.

This is normally fine. I price by the hour as well as a day package. However, if you are asking for a Saturday date then I can’t really book these too far out due to the demand for full day weddings on a Saturday. Please let me know before you book in a meeting that you would like less coverage and I will see if it’s possible or not. A lot of it depends on how many full weddings I have in my diary and the location etc. I find it’s normally best to wait until closer to the date if you are booking less than 5 hours.

Fear not! This style of photography is perfect for you. It’s very much me capturing your wedding as it unfolds. No awkward posing! The only bits that mean you have to pay attention to me are the group photos – don’t worry these are quick and fun! – and your couple photos are more about going for a lovely walk and having lots of hugs. I really don’t believe in getting you to act in a way that isn’t ‘you’ so there’s no cringy posing or weird interactions! Trust me, I’d hate that too! Everyone always says how relaxed I made them feel on their wedding day and I’m so proud of that. To me the photos should add to your day, not take you away from it.

I started full time back in 2016! So that’s a lot of weddings I’ve shot since then! So many different types, so many lovely couples. It’s been a total dream of a job and I’m still as excited about it now as I was then! One massive advantage now though, is I feel like I’ve seen my fair share of mishaps and I know I can handle pretty much handle anything that’s thrown at me and still deliver the best gallery of wedding pictures I possibly can!

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