Newborn Photography Essex
I love photographing newborns, all that incredible magic that exists in families as they hold their newest addition in their arms.  It's such an privilege to capture that for people.  The special thing with newborns is that, that time really is so fleeting.  One minute they are a tiny, scrunched up bundle in your arms.  The next th ...
Fine Art Child Photography
2015 – Best of wedding and family photography – Essex
When I think about this year, I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude.  I honestly never imagined I'd get to work with so many lovely people, to capture those little parts of their lives.  It really does feel like the greatest job ever.Already so much has changed, the little babies I've photographed are now turning into toddlers, ...
Outdoor Family Photography – Winter
Don't let winter hold you back from exploring outdoors.  Wrap up and embrace the mud, the warm winter sun on your cheeks and the sharp wind on your rosy cheeks.  I love how everything looks so different at this time of year.  A totally different land to summer.  There's still so much to discover though, we've found a lot of flowers ...
Engagement Photoshoot – Sudbury, Suffolk
When I met Lucy and George and they told me the plan for their wedding I was so excited. They are both landscape architects and  they're planting a wildflower meadow to celebrate their wedding in.  I mean does it get much more romantic than that?I can't wait to photograph their wedding, but I really wanted to see the meadows be ...
Photo Print Tests – UK
I recently carried out a test on some of my prints to see if there was really much difference between them and the online printers you can use nowadays.I appreciate that fine art prints can be a bit of an investment, so if there's not really much difference between them and the cheaper printers, I'm not sure I'd really be comfo ...