Rainy days outdoors with kids

I can’t tell you how much I love summer rain. As soon as those warm droplets start my heart sings.  I know most of you will think I’m mad, but when the days stretch on, hot and dry, I yearn for a break in the sky.

There is something romantic about summer rain, the way it makes the smells of the earth come alive and the way the plants around you sing with joy as they soak up the much needed water. You can hear the droplets landing on the leaves and watch the ripples as they hit the puddles and streams.

I love to go exploring with the kids when it’s raining, it’s too easy to sit and moan that it’s wet outside but I always think life’s often more fun when you are wet and muddy. You can probably tell I grew up on a farm!

These photos were taken at the start of summer, we were itching to get out of the house, so we put on raincoats and wellies and went for an explore.  We raced leaf boats down the newly flowing stream and splashed around searching for sticks and stones.  The meadows had changed with the towering cow parsley and we managed to find new paths and parts that we’d never been to before, despite living here for years, it’s amazing how nature can present a million different experiences with so few resources. There is no man-made item that could ever provide that amount of joy.


All these were shot using my lensbaby, I love the soft, dreamy texture you can get with this lens, which works so well when you’re out in nature.  It’s a manual lens too, which forces me to slow down and really think about each shot, something you often forget about when you are racing after fast kids.

For more ideas for enjoying the rain head to my fun in the rain pinterest board.

If you’re an outdoor lover and would like a photoshoot of a rainy day outdoors with kids, or even a sunny day! Then please give me a call.