Rain on your wedding day

The rain’s pouring down, your dress is drenched, the grey clouds roll overhead.  I know a lot of you might think I’m bonkers for saying this but I seriously LOVE rain on your wedding day.  I sometimes wish it would rain more at my weddings.  I need to relocate to Wales!

I know a lot of people dread the thought of rain on their wedding day. Especially if you’re planning a day with a lot of outdoor elements but honestly, embrace that rain and learn to love it.  Here’s why I adore rainy weddings


I swear rainy weddings are more fun, perhaps it’s the British spirit, we all love a bit of fun in the face of adversity.  Seriously all the wildest, most relaxed weddings I’ve shot have all been on a rainy day.

rainy outdoor wedding ceremony


A sure-fire way to get your guests to all feel united and in one place.  The dancefloor will be packed and everyone will keep together rather than spreading out all over the place.


I’m a closet grey lover (well not so closet) I adore grey and those skies are the most awesome.  If you get grey skies on your wedding you can trust I’ll be jumping for joy.rainy wedding day outdoor wedding

Brollies, raindrops and puddles

Can you tell I grew up in the country?  Reflections, raindrops, cuddling under brollies – they all make my heart sing and make for some special photos too.rain on your wedding day portraits


Well, let’s not bank on it but if you get lucky it’ll be worth every bit of rain preceding it.rain on your wedding day broken umbrella

At the end of the day nothing says a British wedding like rain, if you’re getting married in this country you may as well embrace rain on your wedding day, and if not think about heading abroad! If you’re the sort of person who’s going to have a great time at their wedding, whatever the weather does, then drop me a message!

rain on your wedding day marquee