Pregnancy Photoshoot – Essex

This pregnancy photoshoot took place on the FREEZING cold beach at Walton in Essex.  The couple had a personal connection to this location and I’m so glad they chose it.  So many pregnancy shoots, seem to take place in dreamy sunset light on warm, summers days but we had ice cold winds and grey skies.  But I think it turned out a lot better because of that.  If you’re going to live in Britain you might as well embrace that British weather!  And how great is that sky?  I’m so glad these, guys braved the cold for these.

I love photographing couples for maternity shoots.  On the one hand you have the celebration of the mother and her beautiful, new body and on the other hand you get to capture the connection between both the parents.  I always like to think of the baby looking at these photos in years to come and seeing how much her parents must have loved each other, and how she was loved before she even came into the world.  A really powerful message to send to your children, don’t you think?

I love Verity’s reaction when they got the gallery “Wow!!! They are amazing, thank you so much!!”  But really all my thanks goes to these two, I can’t wait to meet your little one in a few weeks.