Maldon Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot

I love engagment shoots.  I know I would say that, being a photographer and all that, but they are such a great way to get some creative portraits of the two of you without the pressures of your wedding day.  There’s more space for creativity and we can try out things that we just might not have the time for at your actual wedding.  It also helps if you hate being in front of the camera because it really isn’t as terrible as you think. When you see the end results it’s often way better than you thought!! 

I always try and encourage couples to keep it personal to them, so that the location adds a bit of meaning to your photos.  These were taken not far from Clare’s family farm where they’re getting married, she’s been coming here since she was a kid. I love that.  

Hopefully you can see from these photos that this was a super chilled hour, no awkward, cheesy poses but we just did a bit of walking, a bit of running  and a lot of hugging. These are some of the photos we ended up with.