The little things

I’ve been a bit slow at posting here lately and quiet on social media, not because I’ve stopped taking photos but because I needed to escape the online world for a while.  I find the constant distractions and influences challenging after a while. Everything seems to morph into one thing, what is my photographic style, is it too influenced by what I see around me?  What do I want to see in the world?  Do I need the validation of others ? Argh! Sometimes I just want to switch off and breath.

It means so much to me to be honest in what I do, everytime I photograph a family or couple I want to focus on their true personalities and emotions, to create a reflection of their lives that is right for them, so that when they look at those photos they feel something deeper than just ‘a nice photo’.  I want it to be a real reflection of the memories that are important to them. And to get to that point, you have to be sure that you can see that as a photographer, and you are being true to the life in front of you.  I think the only way to get to that point in today’s world is to stop and slow down.  Enjoy the simple things like the time with my children, learning new skills and appreciating the little details, take time to remember what is happening in the world, it won’t always be beautifully photogenic flowers in fields or golden sunsets, sometimes it’s just the little everyday things that matter most.