A laid-back woodland wedding in Suffolk

I first met Evonne at a baby group and we’ve been friends ever since. So it was a real honour to  photograph her wedding.

Matt and Evonne wanted an informal wedding, with an outdoor ceremony and lots of personal details. I loved their alternative approach, which meant they were able to have a beautiful day without a big budget.  Their humanist ceremony was held at Little Ropers, a small campsite near Bures, which is on a working farm.  Luckily the rain held off so they were able to make the most of the idyllic setting. Everyone got to  enjoy drinks in the woodland clearing while a local folk band played some songs and then it was off to a hall in the quaint  village of Hartest.

A lot of their friends have kids, so they wanted to have a wedding day that could include them.  I love that idea, so often people think having kids at a wedding will be a nightmare but if you’re having a laid back day then kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves.  There was plenty of outside space at the village hall, so despite the torrential rain they were all still out there having a great time, while the adults got to make the most of the homemade ale and sloe gin!  There was no seating plan, so the guests could mingle and eat when they wished. And they had a vegetarian indian meal from a local lady, which was absolutely perfect for feeding lots of people in a relaxed way.

Rather than a ‘traditional’ wedding band they had a Ska band and a friend provided some music in between. If you are on a budget then thinking outside the realms of ‘wedding band’ can really help.  So anyway, here’s a taster of the photos from their day.


Hair: Chloe Nicole Freelance Hairdresser

Makeup: Susan Michelle Makeup

Hair Flowers: The Country Garden Flower Company

Dress: Boulevard Bridal

Ceremony: Little Ropers

Reception: Hartest

Music: Fishclaw (reception) The Skammers (reception)

This wedding was featured on Festival Brides – click the link to read more on how this day came together.


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Here’s what Evonne had to say about their photos:  “We have been blown away with our wedding photos. Jess you truly have an amazing talent. You have an eye to capture such beautiful moments that we will treasure always. You are even able to turn giant plastic covered hay bales into an outstanding photo. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Your a star. We highly recommend Jess as your photographer for any occasion you will not be disappointed.”