Union Chapel Wedding Islington, London

May 5, 2016

I met these two in a quaint, little tea room in my hometown, where they are both originally from.  They told me about how they’d met in a dark room, studying photography and how they wanted a fun, relaxed wedding with lots of booze and good music.  I knew straight away this would be a great wedding. They chose the quirky Union Chapel for the wedding ceremony, known for its live music, it’s a fantastic place to have a feel good ceremony and the vicar was wonderful. Then it was a quick trip up the road to the Dead Doll’s House, a stylish Islington venue, for food and dancing and an awesome party.

Stylish, fun, boozy and brilliant.  Sian and Joe, it was an honour to capture this for you.  I know you’ve got a ton of happy times ahead.

Here’s what Sian had to say about their wedding photos: “Thank you so much, we’re thrilled with them! And thank you also for the parcel – it was a really nice thing to come home to after a long journey home!

You can find out more about this wedding over on Rock My Wedding

Music: Chartz
Dress Supplier: Nell A’more Bridal
Reception Venue: The Dead Doll’s House
Flowers: Jennifer Pindar Florist
Make-up: Gemma Fee Bridal Makeup
Ceremony Venue: Union Chapel, Islington
A big thanks to Wild Wuzle Photography for covering the groom getting ready. Bridal prep in Islington for a Union Chapel wedding Bridal prep in Islington for a Union Chapel wedding baby at the bridal prep Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-30_online bridesmaid getting ready in Islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-37_online relaxed wedding morning in Islington wedding makeup in islington bride getting ready in islington wedding morning in islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-62_online Union Chapel Bride getting ready wedding makeup for the bride mother of the bride getting ready in Islington Union Chapel wedding wedding dress for a Union Chapel wedding Bride in Islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-118_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-129_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-133_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-135_online-1 Groom waiting at Union Chapel wedding taxi arriving at Union Chapel wedding bride arriving at Union Chapel wedding groom waiting at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-180_online bridge coming down aisle at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-193_online child playing at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-198_online bridesmaid at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-207_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-219_online guests at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-223_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-239_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-243_online signing register at Union Chapel wedding bride and groom coming down isle at Union Chapel wedding Union Chapel Islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-254_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-256_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-260_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-261_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-265_online Bouquet at Union Chapel wedding Groom in Topman Suit at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-272_online Hen photo Union Chapel wedding stag photo at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-285_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-288_online Flowers by Jennifer Pindar at Union Chapel wedding Bridge at Union Chapel wedding Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-300_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-303_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-309_online Couole at Union Chapel wedding Wedding at Dead Dolls Club Islington Wedding at Dead Dolls Club Islington Wedding at Dead Dolls Club Islington Wedding at Dead Dolls Club Islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-337_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-341_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-349_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-353_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-359_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-371_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-382_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-393_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-396_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-404_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-412_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-414_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-425_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-446_online Wedding at Dead Dolls Club Islington Islington London Wedding Photographer Wedding Flowers by Jennifer Pindar at Dead Dolls Club Islington Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-472-Edit_online
Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-477_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-479_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-479_online-1
Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-482_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-492-Edit_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-494_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-502_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-511_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-521_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-524_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-528_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-529_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-530_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-538_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-543_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-546_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-550_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-556_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-560_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-564_online Islington London Wedding Photographer Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-582_online-1 Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-584_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-588_online Islington_London_Wedding_Photography-591_online