How to get sparkler photos at your wedding

I often get asked about sparkler photos for you wedding. So I’ve put together some tips on how to get the perfect sparkler exit at your wedding. You know that moment when you and your partner make your exit and your guests wave sparklers in the air? It makes for some magical photos and can be super fun. So, let’s dive into some tips that’ll help you get that part of your wedding just right.

Ok, so let’s talk about safety. I know, I know, it’s not the most exciting part of the conversation, but it’s pretty important. You don’t want to end up with any injuries or accidents on your special day. Trust me, drunk people and burning items are not the greatest mix. I’ve seen enough burnt people to testify to this – including brides!! So, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

When it comes to sparklers, the longer the better. Long sparklers burn more slowly and are less likely to burn out mid-photo. Plus, they’re less likely to drip hot ash or sparks onto your clothing or skin. Stay away from any sparklers that are shorter than 10 inches, as these will burn out too quickly. I suggest 18 inch ones that have a gold tint as the gold light looks so much warmer and more romantic!

You can buy these ones which should be enough for most weddings.

Now, let’s talk about the time of the wedding to do them. Some couples like to do their sparkler exit at the end of the day, after the reception has ended. However, this is probably the worst time because guests may have already left, and most people are very drunk at this point or on a wind down from a busy day. Plus, your photographer and videographer will most likely not be staying until the end of your wedding. Instead, consider doing your sparkler exit just after dusk, when the light is still good, and your guests are still around. I normally suggest after the bands first set in summer – so normally that’s around 9. You can still get a lovely sparkler shot with some low light in the sky so don’t rule them out if it’s not pitch black.

So, how do you get that perfect sparkler exit shot? Here are some tips:

  1. Set the scene: make sure the area where you’ll be doing your sparkler exit is partially-lit and free of any potential hazards (like low-hanging branches or trip hazards). You’ll also want to make sure your guests know when and where to line up with their sparklers.
  2. Avoid distracting lights: Sparkler photos look best with minimal extra lights, doing them with a big exit sign in the background or the venue lit up behind really doesn’t work. Some extra lights on your route – like fairy lights for instance can help you see where you’re going though.
  3. Get the right exposure: Your photographer should use a low aperture setting to capture the sparkle and glow of the sparklers. This will make for some stunning shots.
  4. Stop on the way: Sparkler photos are very low-light and can be technically difficult especially it you’re walking too fast. Make sure to pause at the start and midway down the line. This allows more time to enjoy the moment and for your photographer to capture those standout shots. It also allows your photographer a chance to correct anything that’s not working. For instance if you’re holding a sparkler in front of your faces! (a common one!)
  5. Lighting them – make sure you have plenty of wind-proof lighters to get them all lit quickly and at the same time. There’s nothing worse than having half your sparklers lit whilst the other half go out.
  6. Limit the guests – I find sparkler shots run a lot smoother with less guests involved. If you try to round up 100 guests with burning sticks there’s a lot to go wrong! Just involve a handful of people in the main photo or make sure you get very organised about who is in charge of lighting the sparklers and how this will all work. It’s often the part of the day couples don’t really think about and then it ends up rather chaotic!!
  7. Relax and enjoy: Your wedding day is all about celebrating with your loved ones, so don’t stress too much about getting the perfect shot. Take a deep breath, hold hands with your partner, and enjoy the moment!

In conclusion, the perfect sparkler exit is all about safety, timing, and preparation. Use long, gold sparklers, do the exit just after dusk, and thing about logistics beforehand. And most importantly, relax and have fun! Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, and the sparkler exit is just one small part of it.