Great Bardfield Photographer – family photoshoot in Essex

Family Photographer Great Bardfield Essex

It was such a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family.  As soon as I met them I could see that there was so much love between them all.  They were such a joy to spend time with, fun, laid-back and really genuine people.  I think when a new baby comes into a family it can often be a bit of an upheaval but these guys just took it in their stride and it was so amazing to see how the older kids just completely doted on their new brother.

The eldest boy, William, kept making me laugh, he was such a character. Often children can start off a little hesitant when you arrive, but this was certainly not the case here. The children took me off straight away to show me their rooms and William got right into the swing of things, suggesting poses and staging moments!  It was really rather funny and of course in between these ‘staged’ moments we managed to get some really lovely, genuine photographs.

The family live in a lovely barn conversion in the Essex countryside, so it was a delight to photograph them at home. It is always nice to capture children with their favourite toys and in their favourite places, which for young children is often their home.  We spent half the shoot there and then I joined them for a favourite family walk, along a local Essex country lane.  I think Essex can often be underrated for it’s beautiful scenery but there are some truly lovely parts and this is one of them.

It was a very windy day and we had great fun with our hair blowing everywhere and the kids running off to splash in the ford with their dad.  I love that we got to capture them all with their dog too, just doing a normal family walk, like they often do but now they have those memories captured forever.

One thing that really stood out for me though was the strength of love between the mother and little baby Fletcher.  As soon as he got sad, his mum would just say a few words, or touch him gently and he’d calm right down.  It’s quite an incredible thing to see that .  So often we hurry through life and forget to take time to slow down and appreciate what is right before us.  Making time for those family photos is about more than just the images afterwards, it’s about really taking time to enjoy all those little things that make our families so special, capturing those little memories that are so fleeting but so important.

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You can read Simone’s review of their family photoshoot over on my testimonials page.  This was a 2-hour family photoshoot in Great Bardfield, Essex.  If you would like to book your own photoshoot, or you wish to find out more details please contact me.  I am based in Essex but happy to travel further afield.