How to get great couple photos at your wedding

The photos of the two of you are some of the most special from your day.  I love taking these, not only is it  a great chance to escape your guests, it’s also a chance for you to get some really special photos that reflect the relationship you both have.

I always go out of my way to get photos that are creative and a bit special, something outside the run-of-the-mill image. I always want you to have at least one stand out image.  But beyond I really want these photos to show the unique relationship you both have.

That means no forced moments, no super posed, staged awkwardness.  I really want them to feel natural to you.  Of course you’re going to feel a bit odd having a camera in your face but I don’t follow any particular format because everyone is different.  Some couples are more jokey, some more emotional, some more creative.  I pretty much read off how you are as a couple and we roll with whatever that and the weather and setting gives us.  I can never guarantee a certain photo or scene because these aren’t staged, they are totally spontaneous and full of honest creativity.  I love that you’ll never have a photo that looks like anyone elses.  That for me is what makes these so special.

Of course these photos don’t appear by magic, there are some things that are going to help your couple photos be the best they can be.

Relax and trust your photographer

This is key, if you don’t trust your photographer you’re going to be worrying and focused on the photos rather than the moment.  This instantly makes a worse photo.  If you’re feeling nervous about these photos book in an engagement shoot before hand to put your mind at ease.

Allow enough time

I suggest around 30mins for your photos but the more time the better, if you can spare some time after your group photos and then some more time later on in the evening you’ll be sure to get the photos you want.

Magic Light

Golden hour (an hour before sunset) is my most favourite time for couple photos.  Of course there’s no guarantees you’ll get this light but if you can make sure you don’t have any clashes with this time so we can nip out and make the most of that light I will love you forever.

Embrace your adventurous side

I shoot a lot of country weddings and that means your couple photos will often involve a bit of walking and maybe even some clambering!  If you’re a bit relaxed about a bit of dirt on your shoes and not going to get upset about a spec of mud on your dress, you’re going to be able to get some more adventurous photos with some better backdrops.  

Enjoy yourselves

These photos are meant to be fun and are a great chance for you both to spend a bit of time away from everyone, having some hugs.  You don’t need to be stressing about how you look or worrying about having your photo taken.  I know I’ve already mentioned this but if you think you’re going to feel like that I can assure you that a pre-wedding shoot will really put your mind at ease.  Every couple I’ve shot for have said how much more relaxed they’ve made them feel. And if that doesn’t work just make sure you have some alcohol on hand 😉