How to get good wedding photos

You’re searching through website after website, looking for your perfect photographer, but there’s a niggling feeling. You look at all these perfect couples, with their perfect wedding photos and wonder will I be able to get good wedding photos?  Will mine look anywhere near as good as this?

Everyone wants good wedding photos, but sometimes it’s not just as simple as choosing a ‘great photographer’. So how can you make sure you get good wedding photos?

Find someone who suits your style

Listen carefully, this isn’t about doing what everyone else is doing, or choosing the most popular person out there.  What you need to find is someone who suits YOUR style.  Everyone’s different and that means different styles, tastes, whatever it is that makes you feel something choose that as a starting point for finding your photographer.

Make sure you like them as a person

I think getting on with your photographer (and visa versa) is super important.  I’m a pretty laid-back, happy sort of person and there’s no doubt I work best when I’m with couples who I have something in common with.  I think it’s super important that you find someone you click with, someone who makes you feel comfortable and like you is really going to bring out the best in you on your wedding day.

See a whole gallery

Make sure you see some full day galleries from your photographer. Check you like the overall feel of the photos and see if they’re a good fit for you.  This will give you an idea of how good they are at covering the things that matter to you personally.


Make sure your photographer knows all the timings and what group photos you need.  I always send out a questionnaire to all my couples to make it super easy and organised and make sure nothing gets missed.  This takes the stress off the day for you.

Do nothing

On the day you really don’t need to be thinking about your photos at all.  All you need to concentrate on is yourselves and having the BEST time.  A good photographer won’t need you to come up with ideas, if you feel like you need to tell your photographer what to do, maybe book a pre-wedding shoot to give you confidence in their abilities?  On the day you should just be focused on your wedding.  Your photographer will be there capturing it all with no effort from you!


Relax, have fun and make sure you trust your photographer.  Especially when it comes to the photos of the two of you, you want to have complete faith that they can get those really special photos without you worrying how you look or thinking you’re doing something wrong.  Good wedding photos come from being relaxed, a great photographer should help you do this.