Gay Wedding at The Old Parish Rooms

What a wedding this was! Meeting these two was a highlight of 2021 for me. We’d already met for cocktails and a couple shoot a few weeks before their wedding. I love it when couples decide to have a couple shoot before as it definitely helps to make everything more relaxed on the wedding day. You already know each other and how I work, which is a big help! Plus it’s always quite reassuring knowing you’ve already got some lovely photos. I always think it takes that ‘pressure’ off on the day.

Khai and Stuey had recently moved over to the UK from Singapore. It’s heartbreaking that gay weddings are still illegal there and I think the story of them overcoming cultural difficulties and starting a new life here really brought a lot of extra emotion to the day. These two are such a beautiful love story. Their vows to each other were so personal and I was definitely wiping those tears from my eyes as they finally got the wedding they deserved.

They had a bloody great party after. Loads of dancing, plenty of disco, and a whole lot of randomness. Here’s what Stuey had to say: “Jess was so incredible to us for our wedding package. We also added a pre-engagement shoot so we can get used to the camera and how she operates, probably one of the best things we did as our wedding day was the best as we knew each other. She is super accommodating and really nice and we all clicked really well. She took the time to understand us and we have the perfect shots that we wanted for our wedding. Cant thank her enough for all her work and dedication. And incase you need to ask, the photos are INCREDIBLE!!!!