Fine Art Wedding Album

“Get your wedding photos printed!!” I often feel like shouting from this from rooftops.  It’s so easy nowadays, with so much of our lives online, to leave your photos on a USB or stuck inside a computer.  And in some ways it’s amazing that we can share our images so easily with others and back them all up online. But at the same time it becomes easy to forget about all those photos.

When it comes to your wedding photos, they really are some of the most important images you’ll ever own.  Not just because they capture your day, but because they capture all the personalities of some of your most favourite people at a truly emotional, and fun occasion.  Apart from weddings, how often do you actually have the chance to get those sort of photos?  I can’t think of another occasion quite like it. It’s why I love this job so much!  Once you have those photos printed you’ve actually got those physical copies to pass down through the generations, it doesn’t matter if technology changes and your files become redundant, because you have them there to hold in your hands. Nothing can change that.  There’s also something so much more emotional about being able to hold a copy of your images and flick through them, that texture and feeling really makes looking at your photos an event, rather just staring at a screen.

I’ve included some photos from a recent album I had printed, I only use UK professional photographic printers for my prints and albums, because I know they’ll get the tones and colours spot on.  I’ve tried some cheaper options in the past and been totally disappointed, so I try to get the very best options without being super expensive. You can see just from these photos how much texture and warmth you get from albums like this, which I think is such a great combination for your photos, but even just having a box full of high quality prints would be a great way to keep your photos safe.  Please give me a call if you’d like to talk about any of your print options after (or even before your wedding).  I’m always happy to work bespoke ideas for you too.