Fine Art Child Photography

A Child’s Imagination

The imagination of children is an amazing thing, I love to hear my children’s interpretation of the world around them and lately when I’ve been taking photos my eldest son has been looking at them and adding his own story to the image.  With this one he said “I want to hear the secrets of the earth, I cover my ears because I don’t want to hear the real world, just the earth singing his lullaby, calling me under, but I cannot go.”  Such powerful words from such a small person! I loved his interpretation of this.  It feels so right for the image.  Connecting children to their photographs by looking at them and discussing them, seems to add an extra dimension to them that I think can often be forgotten when we take so many photos.  It’s definitely something I will be doing more of and a great way to involve them in the creative process.

It’s also fascinating to see how seeing a photo can trigger a memory in children, and often without that trigger you don’t have that opportunity to discuss that moment in time.  It is one of  the things that makes a photo so special, I feel.

Fine Art Child Photography

This photo was shot with my Lensbaby Edge 80, which is a manual tilt lens.  I edited it in Lightroom, making minor adjustments and adding a VSCO preset.  After that I brought it into Photoshop and played around with the hue and saturation levels, added some extras from Alien Skin Exposure, then adjusted the levels to change the tones one last time until they were just where I wanted them.