A festival themed wedding in Linconshire

Charley and Liam’s festival themed wedding couldn’t have been more idyllic. As soon as I arrived at Charley’s parent’s home I was blown away. Nestled in a small village in the Lincolnshire countryside, there’s even a beautiful church right in the back garden!  It doesn’t get much more perfect and I couldn’t think of a lovelier couple to have such a wedding.  I’ve known these two for a while now and they’re one of those couples that are just super fun, interesting, creative and well just plain lovely. Getting to photograph this day was the best!

I love it when weddings are personal to the couple. As everything was at Charley’s family home, where she grew up, I think it made the day extra emotional.  The vicar had known her when she was young and when we snuck off for some couple photos, she told me how she used to play for hours under the tree where we were photographing.  I love hearing those stories, weddings are often full of nostalgia and reflection, it’s like a celebration of all the times gone by, as well of the times ahead.  It’s those memories and relationships with other people that really make for strong relationships and these two have that in abundance.

Having met at Bestival, it’s no surprise that their day was full of music, from the choir (sang by friends) in the church, to the live band and the DJ, the whole day was full of joy.  They’d chose to loosely theme the day around that festival vibe, I think anyone who’s a lover of festivals can relate to that.  You don’t really get a better party than a festival, so what better way to celebrate your wedding than to incorporate that into your day. Little features like the simple white bunting flags, hand-painted signs and a glamping tent made the whole atmosphere spot on. I mean there was even a natural swimming pool in the garden!!

Check out some photos from the day below. Here’s what Charley had to say about their photos : “We are still on honeymoon but we just couldn’t resist having a sneaky peek at the pics…. We must have spent a fortune on data roaming because we LOVE THEM SO MUCH! We couldn’t stop-what started as a taster kept going. You have truely captured everything we wanted-all the individual shots of our wonderful friends and family. Thank you, thank you! “

Dress: Louise Selby

Food: Carte Blanche

Marquee: Mudford Marquees

Music: Band: Bop Gun  DJ Martin Wagdin

Cake: Pudding Lane

The church at a festival themed wedding Homemade simple bunting at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire35_online Creeton church before the wedding festival themed wedding signs guests arriving at a festival themed wedding happy vicar at Creeton church in Lincolnshire English garden flowers at a festival themed wedding bride arriving at a festival themed wedding bride heading to church at a festival themed wedding bride with father at festival themed wedding happy church wedding in Creeton Groom in church in Creeton at his wedding veil and wedding dress by Louise SelbyGroom waiting in church wedding ceremony Lincolnshire C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire225_online exchanging vows at a festival themed wedding church choir at a festival themed weddingtrumpet player at a festival themed wedding guests in packed church at festival themed wedding bride and groom at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire465_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire514_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire520_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire555_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire588_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire644_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire756_online confetti at a festival themed wedding confetti at a festival themed wedding confetti at a festival themed wedding moments at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire850_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire901_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire907_online guests at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire913_onlinespeeches at a festival themed weddingC_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire966_onlineC_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1012_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire932_online
C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire2236_onlineC_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire2243_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1045_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1117_online speeches at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1138_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1150_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1155_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1163_online hand drawn table plan at a festival themed wedding table details at a festival themed wedding wedding cake at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1215_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1241_online best man at a festival themed wedding wedding meal deserts C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1354_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1378-Edit_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1387_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1404_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1408-Edit_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1432_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1433_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1437_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1476_online bride and groom at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1523_online couple under a tree at their a festival themed wedding couple photos at a festival themed wedding holding hands at a festival themed wedding A festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1596_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1622-Edit_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1635_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1647-Edit_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1686_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1744-Edit_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1755_online wedding band at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1836_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1841_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1879_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1911_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire1925_online
wedding party dancing at a festival themed wedding wedding reception party at a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire2005_online C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire2018_online wedding party guests at a a festival themed wedding C_L_Wedding_Marquee_Lincolnshire2064_onlineMarquee at a a festival themed wedding

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