Felsted Photographer | Family Photoshoot

As soon as I met this family, I knew this was going to be a great family photoshoot.  I could have happily talked to Charlie (their mum) for hours about bringing up kids.  She was so passionate about letting her children find their own way in life and being true to their own personalities.  It’s exactly the way I believe in raising my own children, so I knew, before I’d even met them, that their children would be lovely.

It was one of those days where everything just flows together well, the beautiful weather matched their personalities so well. And like all of my shoots there was no specific structure of dress-code but everything just came together really well.  I love to see the dynamics in families, and I think this is often more apparent in larger families, perhaps personalities have to be stronger to stand out? Everyone had their own little part to play, yet all so united as a family.

Felsted Photographer - VSCO children

We started the day with a few family photographs indoors but then soon headed outside to enjoy the sun.  Just being able to see how the children interact and watch them playing outside, I was able to capture a lot of real moments.  I think these natural moments, are what really lets their uniqueness come alive.  I loved how their eldest son, who’d been running around excitedly, like most 6 year old boys, quietly sat down to pick flowers, thoughtfully choosing each buttercup.  Their eldest daughter was full of joy, twirling in her beautiful dress that she’d picked out especially, the youngest girl, already fiercely independent, was happy to do her own thing, and the littlest baby still forming his own path, was just content to enjoy the time with his family.

There was no questioning what an amazing job this family have done in raising their children, they were all just such a pleasure to spend time with and I think that comes across in these photos.  I feel so lucky to have photographed them and couldn’t be happier to have given them these images, which they love.  Here’s a selection from the morning:

Girl jumping child photography VSCO

Family Photographer Essex









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