At Home Essex Family Photoshoot – Stansted

I was lucky growing up, my parents took looks of photos of us, but if there was one thing I wish we had more of, it’s got to be more photos of our everyday life.  Photos of me, my parents and my sister, just at home, doing all the usual everyday things we used to do.  We have lots of holiday photos and photos of us at ‘events’ but like most people we don’t have many of everyday life.  I guess that doesn’t seem special enough, or like it’s enough of a moment to capture forever.  But as time passes, it is actually the mundane, uneventful moments that we start to miss the most.

I love to photograph at home family sessions, because I know, that in years to come, these photos are going to mean so much to the kids.  Their parents looking happy together, their favourite toys, the way the living room was painted, it will all come flooding back to them.  I don’t think you can beat that.

I also think kids are often more relaxed in their own space, so with younger kids especially, at home sessions can be a great option.  People sometimes worry about what they’ll do, or that their house is a mess.  But honestly, I think the beauty of these shoots is that they capture the real, so try not to worry about tidying up, or changing your space, just go with what’s there.  And think about what you like to do as a family?  Face painting, playing with toys, eating breakfast?  I mean all those things might seem trivial to you now but think how they will seem in 10, 20, 30 years time?


So, yes I loved that this Stansted family, wanted an at home shoot, and I know these photos will mean so much to this little one in the future. her parents will remember how she pulled them round by their fingers all the time and loved ringing the door bell, little things, but big stories.


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