Essential Wedding Planning


Supplier Recommendations

Planning a wedding can be an absolute mission. There are so many factors to think about and so many options. It can be totally overwhelming when you’re trying to get all those elements together.

If you’ve booked a wedding with me please feel free to message me at any point to ask for advice. As someone who’s seen hundreds of weddings I really know what works and what doesn’t on a wedding day. I’ve totally got your back if you want to do something outside of the norm and I can help you pin down your decor choices and work out timings.

I think a wedding should reflect the two of you, your own unique personalities and what you love. You don’t need to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable and you can absolutely embrace the things you love.

To make things a little easier I’ve listed some wonderful wedding suppliers who I’d totally recommend. I’m pretty fussy about only picking people who not only deliver a great end result but are also really lovely people.

I can’t emphasise enough how much difference having lovely people around you on your wedding day will make. I think that’s especially true for caterers and event co-ordinators. They are mingling with all your guests and their vibe will completely change your day. Trust me flappy people bringing out your meals is not what you want!

Make-up artists and hair stylists are also really key to making sure your morning is as fun and stress free as possible. They are there during one of the most emotional and personal parts of the day and it really can make a huge difference who you pick.

Finally I’ve tried to make my choices as ethical as possible, I’m really passionate about sustainable weddings and luckily lots of the lovely people I work with are too!

I’d also recommend hoping over to my Pinterest boards for some more inspiration and feel free to Whatsapp me ideas for your day that you’re stuck on: 07581417697. I love being able to help out with your day!