Easton Grange Vegetarian Wedding with Eliza Jane Howell Dress

I first met Millie and Andy  fresh from a river swim on hot summer’s evening. They didn’t bat an eyelid to my weed strewn hair and I knew then that they were an awesome couple.  They both have a great sense of humor and you can see instantly what a fantastic team they make.  They wanted a chilled-out, fun countryside wedding and they absolutely pulled that off and more.

Easton Grange has got to be one of my favorite Suffolk wedding venues. Not only is it in a beautiful, secluded setting but the whole atmosphere there was really relaxed, with loads of space for a great party.  These guys get bonus points for having a completely vegetarian wedding too. I love that they did that.  Lets face it there’s always going to be a few people up in arms about the lack of meat but they went with what they wanted to do and I LOVE that.

I think they might have the best speeches from this year too, and trust me I hear some good ones.  I’m a huge fan of a bride’s speech and Millie’s one cracked me up, you can’t beat some brilliantly dry humor and she totally nailed it.  The father-of-the-bride’s speech ended in the whole room singing and one of the best men gave the speech I always want to hear, massively inappropriate and absolutely hilarious (and probably horrifying to most people!!).

And of course we need to take a moment to bow down to this awesome dress from Eliza Jane Howell. That black detailing was totally on point and Millie looked so amazing.

Anyway go check out the photos.  And if you’re thinking of booking me for next year drop me a message soon, weekends are already full for July and August next year and I’ve only got a couple spare for June and September.

Dress: Eliza Jane Howell

Flowers Myrtle and Mint

Venue: Easton Grange

Make-up: Victoria Fox

Band: Shade

Here’s what Millie had to say about their photos: “JESS!!!!! How can we ever thank you enough, these are the most beautiful pictures!!!!!!! I personally have looked through the album about 8 times since yesterday and I think Andy – probably the same. You captured the day perfectly and the emotion/happiness really comes through in the pictures. Everyone who has looked at them has commented on how incredible you are! “