Dorset Castle Wedding with a Needle and Thread Dress

Like many couples due to get married in 2020, Tazz and James had to move their Dorset Castle Wedding numerous times until they landed on a version they could have! They had a mini wedding at Lulworth Castle with a reception at Rudds in Lulworth Cove afterwards. I’m obsessed with Tazz’ beautiful Needle and Thread dress which was perfect for this romantic setting! The whole day was super emotional. They’d been through so much to get to this point and I think all of us there were feeling so thankful that the wedding was actually going ahead!

I love Lulworth Castle, it’s such a perfect English wedding setting and about as romantic as you can get. It’s also surrounded by wonderful countryside and coastline which is great when you want to make your wedding feel more like a holiday! Most guests are going to love an excuse to come to this part of the world!