Cosy At Home Couple Photography

The smell of fresh coffee, arms wrapped around each other, winter mornings at home, just the two of you, these cosy at home couple photography sessions have my heart.

I completely adore photographing couples at home. It feels so honest and heartfelt.  They are great for the winter months when you don’t want to be traipsing round in the cold rain.  Instead just chill out at home, pop some music on and just cosy up like any other Sunday morning. I’ll just come along and capture those details.  It really is as easy as that and look how cute these two look together.

Imperfect is perfect

Don’t worry, you don’t need a perfect looking home to get great photos.  These guys live in a gorgeous home already, but if you just live in a half built shed don’t worry!  These photos are all about the connections between the two of you.  Your home tells part of your story too, so don’t stress about making it perfect.  The real beauty is in the realness, the imperfections.  They are the things you’re probably going to care about more in a few years time.


Looking for a cosy at home couple session?  I’m taking bookings for the next couple of months and winter next year. And if you’re booking a wedding already you’ll get a discount on my full price.  Drop me a note on my contact form.