Children’s Portrait Photoshoot – Finchingfield, Essex

It was so much fun to photograph this lovely brother and sister on their children’s portrait photoshoot.  They live in the idyllic village of Finchingfield and with spring well upon us we were able to get some beautiful photographs of them in their garden and playing at home.  I was amazed by how confident they were. They were happy to say bye to their mum and delighted in showing me their favourite toys. William explained to me all about how he was making police cars to lock up the baddies!  And Lottie showed me her favourite doll and race cars.  I sometimes have to spend some time just playing with the children before I start taking photos but these two were so content I was able to photograph from the beginning and they were un-phased by me getting into some strange positions to get the photos I needed!

Child Portrait Photography

I love to see the personalities of children at this age, they are so unencumbered by the social norms that we place on ourselves as adults.  They are often virtually unaware of the camera and much prefer to be engaged in a fun activity, which is exactly what I love to capture in my photographs – I think it’s the candid approach that often captures the most emotion.  I especially love how children’s personalities are so strong and you can capture so much of that on camera if you take the time to get on their level.  William was a very active boy, like most young boys I know he just wanted to run and go fast! Racing around in his toy car and jumping off everything, so much fun and such a brilliant thing to photograph.  I really feel that his portraits show that sense of character and life in him.  He definitely kept me on my toes! Lottie was much calmer and more likely to be involved in a little activity, picking flowers or gently exploring.  Her portraits definitely show that side of her much more.

It was so lovely to hand over the edited photographs to their mother after the shoot.  She was delighted with the images and has turned some of them into a photobook and art for her home as well as some custom made cards. She really understood the value of the printed items at the end,  so it was great to work with her to get the items she wanted for her family. Now those childhood memories are preserved forever, it will be an amazing thing for the children to look at as they grow older.

Children's Portrait PhotoshootBlack and White Children's Portrait PhotoshootChildren's Portrait PhotoshootChildren's Portrait PhotoshootChildren's Portrait Photoshoot FinchingfieldChildren's Portrait Photoshoot EssexChildren's Portrait Photoshoot FinchingfieldKids Portrait PhotoshootChildren's Portrait Photoshoot

Children's Portrait Photoshoot

Children's Portrait PhotoshootChildren's Portrait Photos

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