Chalkney Festival Wedding- H&B

This is without doubt the HOTTEST wedding I’ve ever photographed. And I don’t just mean the beaut. Holly and Ben but we were all actually melting in the sunshine. It was the middle of a heatwave and this wedding was in the middle of a field in the middle of the day but I can’t honestly say Holly and Ben just embraced it like they embrace everything, with absolute JOY.

So much of this day just felt right for them. It was super laid-back with a riot of colour and fun. They’d done a lot of DIY decor and that added with the flowers from the Floral Fairy made it feel like a great festival day. They basically just wanted a great party to celebrate their love and they nailed it 100%!!

Here’s what Holly had to say: ” Just wow!!!
Jess is awesome, her mad photography skills are insane and we loved having Jess there to share our wedding day. She captured the day perfectly showing all the love and fun we had.
I can’t thank you enough Jess!

Venue: Browning Bros.

Hair: Hair So Boho

Ice-creams- Molly-Moos

Flowers: Floral Fairy

Dress: Rock The Frock

Food: Blackwells Farm // Redwood Pizzas

Music: Disco Wed