Brides with pink hair

I’m a big fan of coloured wedding hair and pink hair is one of the most popular choices for bridal hair.

I love how feminine pink hair looks whilst also keeping that alternative vibe. It combines romantic and edgy. It makes sense that it’s a popular choice for wedding hair.

Styling pink bridal hair

The options with pink hair are unlimited but I think it’s best to work with the tone of your hair and the overall style of your wedding. Soft pink works well with floral accessories or boho hair styles. Think soft waves or a relaxed plait.

For an edgier, more alternative look add a geometric or crystal bridal crown or headpiece.

If you have bright pink hair match the rest of the day and your outfit with this bold choice. Think strong colours and vibrant, fun decor.

How to dye your hair pink

Firstly you’ll need to think about your natural colour. Pastel pink on dark hair will take work from a trained colourist. They’ll need to lighten your natural hair first, which could take a few treatments, before you’re able to go pink. For light-haired brides to be the process will be much easier but it’s still best to talk to a creative colourist. They will understand your hair type and will be able to explain about upkeep.

Rose Gold Tones

Think about your natural skin tones before you go pink or rose gold. There’s a wide spectrum of pink types so you can get a tone that works best with your skin. Rose Gold has been a popular choice but decide whether to go cool or warm. This will make so much difference to your look.

Bride with pink hair in summer flower garden

Make-up with pink hair

Make sure you have your hair dyed before your make-up trial. The colour of your hair has a big impact on your complexion. If you have a trial before you dye your hair you might end up wanting to change your makeup on the day. Take to your MUA before making any decisions.

Hairstylist advice:

I asked professional hair stylist Hannah Coe for some advice too:

“ I would definitely recommend Bleach London Rose shampoo and conditioner to maintain the colour and also Olaplex to maintain condition! All these products are vegan too! And sulphate free!”

“Getting your hair coloured correctly is really important, to make sure the colour is even and the condition is maintained no one wants broken fried hair!
The hair is obviously put through a lot of chemical processing to achieve this colour! So an experienced hairstylist is key!”

Head over to my pinterest board for more inspiration if you’re thinking of pink hair for your day.