Lesbian Wedding Cambridge

Back Garden Wedding Cambridge

Weddings that break the rules and feel super personal to the couple are always my favourites.  And Alyce and Carys’ wedding was exactly that.  I knew they’d have an awesome day, the first time I met them to discuss their wedding we spent most of that hour laughing. That’s always a great sign!

They chose to opt out of the traditional ceremony and instead did the legal bit elsewhere. That meant they could have the whole day in the back garden of Carys’ family home in Cambridge with Cary’s mum conducting the ceremony. The day started with them getting ready together at the house, which I absolutely love, there is something so special about couples who get ready together and I’d totally recommend it for anyone considering it.  It’s such an emotional part of the day it makes perfect sense, in my book, to share with your favourite person.

They’d done away with a lot of the more traditional elements that you often get on a wedding day and gone DIY for flowers and decor, put a bar in the back garden and had a schnitzel van serving up street food style food to the guests. The marquee was nestled in the apple orchard and in the evening it looked like a little fairytale world down at the bottom of the garden which was the perfect ending.  It was such a personal, laid-back wedding with awesome fun people. Just check out all the laughing faces in these photos, that says it all!

Here’s what Cary’s had to say about their photos: “Our photo box arrived this morning and we are over the moon with the photos! Thank you so much!! We are so thrilled with all of the pictures, you did an incredible job – we’re so pleased we found you! We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know! ”

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