Abbey Gardens Bury St Edmunds

We headed to Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens for this family photography session.  This was one of those dreamy early summer evenings.  After months in lockdown everyone was out making the most of having this wonderful park.  It was such a beautiful time of year for a family session, there were wildflowers out and the light was gorgeous in the early evening.  We took a stroll around the Abbey Gardens, giving the kids plenty of time to explore and run around whilst getting photos inbetween.

I love the Abbey Gardens as there’s plenty of variety in backdrops and lots of areas where you can get away from the busier sections.  We ended up looping most of it as the kids certainly had no shortage of energy.  I think parents can worry about evening shoots with young kids but as long as they are well fed and have had a good nap in the day it’s normally not an issue.  They love an excuse to stay up a little later!