2020 Joy

I know I’m meant to be writing about how I’m glad to see the back of 2020 and wishing away this year but to be honest like any year, there has been moments of pure joy. I feel so bloody grateful for all the weddings and families who’ve booked me this year. It’s been so amazing to share some really super special moments alongside other people.

Every single wedding I’ve been to this year, and every single family shoot I’ve done has felt incredibly special. It’s been so life-affirming seeing life carry on for people and how even in the face of adversity people will continue to celebrate and make the most of this life we have.

There’s so much I’ve loved about this year, that long, never-ending summer with days spent swimming in warm seas, lots more time with my kids, watching my baby grow into a toddler, appreciating even the tiniest moments of joy in a way that we wouldn’t have done before, slowing down, really valuing the people closest to us, moving to the countryside, learning to swim front crawl, swimming outdoors through winter …I know there’s been hard moments and my heart goes out to everyone who doesn’t have this privilege but I am a complete believer that if you’re lucky enough to find joy in life you should be celebrating it in every way possible because if there’s anything you should learn from this year it’s that you really should value life!

Here’s a few of my faves from this year.