Couple embracing coronavirus wedding photography advice
March 25, 2020

Your wedding and Covid-19 coronavirus

Well I think it’s fair to say this has all been a bit unexpected!! First of all BIG LOVE to my wonderful couples who are planning on getting married this year. I know that it must be so hard to have to reschedule that wedding that you’ve spent so much time, emotion and money on. I totally feel for you and anything I can do to help I will do.

April/May/June couples we’ve already plotted out some alternative dates. For the rest of the year we are, so far, just waiting to see how the situation progresses but my gut feeling is this virus isn’t going anywhere until we have a vaccine. I think weddings are probably one of those situations where social distancing is going to be pretty tricky to put into place.

With all this in mind here are some tips if you’re trying to get your head around this all.

Tips for coronavirus re-planning

  • Contact your insurance company and see what your policy covers – some will cover the costs of your wedding suppliers for your cancelled wedding and for your new wedding date. It’s best to know where you stand with them as this could effect your other plans.
  • If you don’t have insurance, or they won’t pay out, don’t panic!
  • Contact your venue (or marquee hire) and see if they will reschedule and what dates they have available
  • Contact your suppliers who can’t do more than one wedding at a time i.e band/photographer/officiant – I’m currently offering free reschedules (if you can pay 50% of your balance at it’s due date and the rest before your new date that is a massive help!) if you can work together with your suppliers to find a new date, that will help you not lose out on money and save you the hassle of finding new suppliers.
  • Get a back-up date in place even if you don’t want to commit to moving your wedding. The sooner you get an alternative date reserved with your suppliers the easier it will be for you to move your date should you need to.
  • Consider a smaller elopement later this year and a bigger party next year. I think even if restrictions are lifted before a vaccine there’s going to be a real risk especially for elderly or compromised guests. One option is an intimate wedding this year (with social distancing) and then plan your main party for next year.
  • Consider a mid-week wedding – these are soooo much easier to reschedule to and you can probably move most of your suppliers without any trouble. I’ve shot plenty of mid-week weddings and they are just as awesome as weekend ones – if not more so! Everyone loves an excuse to get off work!
  • I am offering free couple shoots for anyone who has to reschedule or a reduced mini wedding package for anyone who has a mini wedding this year and I’ll then shoot the main event next year.

I am doing all I can to help my couples out, as long as we can reschedule to a mutual date then we’ll make sure your wedding is going to be an amazing party when it happens!! Please contact me if you need any help with planning or anything else.

Things you’re grateful for

If you are finding this whole time a bit intense, here’s a little thing I do with my kids.

Each night we do 5 things we are grateful for. It can be anything from water in the taps to reading your favourite book. It’s amazing how much it can re-set you and help you appreciate all you’ve got. I know I’m super grateful for the internet and pasta at the moment!! Ha!

I also try to start the day with a jog or walk or some yoga in the garden – outside exercise is great at making you feel better and at least the sun is shining!

Lots of love everyone, try to enjoy this opportunity to reset and before we know it we’ll all be back celebrating the good times!!