November 28, 2014

Boy’s winter photo shoot | Manningtree

boy smiling photo shootwinter boy photo shoot

When I photograph children I always like to find locations and settings that suit them and their personalities.  However, when I’m on the shoot, I normally find my ideas change slightly and we end up doing something more suited to the child.  That’s why I always like to keep and open mind about what we’ll be doing on the day.  I always think it’s really important to work with the people you’re photographing to find out what suits them best, that’s when you start to really see those sparks of personality.

Anyway on this day we headed to the small town of Manningtree in Essex, which is right on the river Stour.  It was freezing and I’d had an idea of  getting some of the rustic boats in the background but my plans were a bit scuppered by the amount of mud that we kept getting stuck in. Manningtree is a great spot to photograph but I’d recommend a good pair of wellies if you’re heading there in winter – or stick to the paths!

So, we had a wander down the road to Mistley and ended up finding an old warehouse which was a lot more fun. I love these more industrial looking photos, they suit him a lot more and it was good having an explore and doing something away from what we’d planned.

What do you think?  They’re away from my normal ‘natural’ style but I think they really work here.