How to get great couple photos at your wedding
The photos of the two of you are some of the most special from your day.  I love taking these, not only is it  a great chance to escape your guests, it's also a chance for you to get some really special photos that reflect the relationship you both have. I always go out of my way to get photos that are creative and a bit special, ...
Cosy At Home Couple Photography
The smell of fresh coffee, arms wrapped around each other, winter mornings at home, just the two of you, these cosy at home couple photography sessions have my heart. I completely adore photographing couples at home. It feels so honest and heartfelt.  They are great for the winter months when you don't want to be traipsing round i ...
Why I love black and white wedding photos
I adore black and white wedding photos, so it's probably not surprising that a lot of my couples love them too.  There's just something about the mood and the drama that makes black and white images so special. Whenever I'm looking back through a wedding I've edited it's always the black and whites that tug at my emotions, so what ...
zero waste wedding decorations straw bale table
How to have a zero waste wedding
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I care about this planet, I'm pretty passionate about doing my bit to look after it.  We try to not use disposable plastic and I'm always trying to shop zero waste. Getting to photograph a zero waste wedding would be a total dream of mine! I'm always inspired by the eco-friendly ideas my couples ...
Rain on your wedding day
The rain's pouring down, your dress is drenched, the grey clouds roll overhead.  I know a lot of you might think I'm bonkers for saying this but I seriously LOVE rain on your wedding day.  I sometimes wish it would rain more at my weddings.  I need to relocate to Wales! I know a lot of people dread the thought of rain on their wed ...