Childrens portraits Sudbury Photography
Sudbury Photography
 I love to photograph in Sudbury, it's a beautiful town with lots of traditional Suffolk features and surrounded by water meadows.  It was great fun to photograph the boys at the start of spring.  After the cold months of winter I think everyone feels a sense of excitement about warm, sunny days and it's such a relief to n ...
Great Bardfield Photographer – family photoshoot in Essex
It was such a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family.  As soon as I met them I could see that there was so much love between them all.  They were such a joy to spend time with, fun, laid-back and really genuine people.  I think when a new baby comes into a family it can often be a bit of an upheaval but these guys just took i ...
Rewilding our kids
There was a George Monibot video doing the rounds on social media today about rewilding the children. If you have a moment to check it out it's worth a watch.  We are very lucky to live in the countryside and to let our children have daily access to the wild.  Without that I cannot imagine how different their lives would be.  Chari ...
Southend Family Photographer – Sunshine and Seaweed
If you're an Essex child I'm pretty sure you'll have a memory of Southend.  I don't think it's possible to grow up here and not visit Southend.  I remember sandy sandwiches and sewage warnings! Luckily it's changed a bit since the eighties, we walked the mile and a half pier and then rode the train back, which the kids loved.  The ...
Exploring the woods near Earls Colne, Essex
We are in the midst of the Easter holidays, here in Essex.  It feels like we've been unleashed from the clutches of winter and at last we can spend whole days outside without freezing fingers and toes.  Everyday we've been running wild, the sun on our faces and March winds in our hair.  My oldest is documenting all the new wildflow ...