November 5, 2014

Mersea Beach with children

I love the beach at Mersea Island.  It’s one of my favourite spots in Essex.  When the skies are blue and we like some fresh sea air we’ll head to the beach and have a little explore.  It’s perfect with the kids.  There are loads of boats of the beach where the boys pretend to be pirates, shells to collect and a flat, gentle, estuary sea for paddling.

And of course the Mersea Company Shed is just up the road, where we often pop in to stock up on locally caught seafood.

West Mersea is probably my favourite side. The beach is a slither of sand and the oyster shells pile up the shoreline.  There are houseboats lining the mudflats and you can catch crabs from the jetty.  We love to beach-comb there and come back with handfuls of driftwood and other sea treasures.

I’d recommending checking the tide times before you visit though. With my bad planning we ended up stuck on a little strip of sand just as some fast-approaching rain clouds appeared.  I had to trek through the sea with a buggy on my back in the end. I’m sure most people are more organised than me though!

If you’d like to book a family photoshoot on Mersea beach, please get in touch, I know plenty of places we can explore! 

All photos were taken on the iphone.