Mersea – Pre-wedding photoshoot
Honest, genuine love.  These two have it, something you can't fake, or stage for a camera. Just watch it unfold. We went to Mersea, the sun just about to set behind the rain clouds, blowing in and out, across the grey Essex sea. I think a lot of couples get nervous before going in front of the camera. But it's not about me and the ...
At Home Essex Family Photoshoot – Stansted
I was lucky growing up, my parents took looks of photos of us, but if there was one thing I wish we had more of, it's got to be more photos of our everyday life.  Photos of me, my parents and my sister, just at home, doing all the usual everyday things we used to do.  We have lots of holiday photos and photos of us at 'events' but  ...
Family Photographer Discovery Centre Braintree Essex
Braintree Family Photoshoot Outdoors
Spring is here!  And it's so good to be back outside doing these family photoshoots.  This family were so great, they totally kept me on my toes running up hills, climbing everywhere and just being absolutely full of energy in the best way! This is exactly why I love photographing families doing normal things rather than sitting in ...
Suffolk Family Photoshoot
These guys take the award for muddiest photoshoot.  I normally prepare my families, because for some reason, my photoshoots always end up with filthy kids.  It's not intentional, I must just be a magnet for the stuff.  Of course, this time I totally forgot to forewarn them, and naturally this was the time when we everyone got compl ...
Union Chapel Wedding Islington, London
I met these two in a quaint, little tea room in my hometown, where they are both originally from.  They told me about how they'd met in a dark room, studying photography and how they wanted a fun, relaxed wedding with lots of booze and good music.  I knew straight away this would be a great wedding. They chose the quirky Union Chap ...